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The Scientific Approach To Exercise For Fat Loss

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This eye opening book, from the UK's leading activity for health charity, Central YMCA, takes a scientific look at the myths and misunderstandings around body fat, healthy lifestyles and exercise, separating fact from fiction and providing you with a proven way to achieve healthy body fat levels safely and effectively. Based on the findings of the latest scientific research and guidelines from the most highly regarded health organisations, author Paul Orridge shows you how to develop an exercise programme to help you achieve a healthy level of body fat in the safest and most effective way. Contrary to the images of people on television who look enviably fit and lean with minimal effort, or to the promises of quick fix diets and summer bikini plans that fill countless magazines, Orridge takes a realistic look at the lifestyle changes and hard work that we need to adopt if we want to lose fat and become healthier. An exercise professional himself, with over 20 years' experience in the fitness industry, Orridge has trained thousands of exercise professionals, always underpinning his techniques and teachings with the latest scientific research into exercise, health and fitness. Simple, effective and scientifically proven. Forget the crash diets and exercise fads, here's what you really need to know.

Natural Weight Loss Program

RRP $14.99

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There is no need to go for surgery for weight loss. There are certain techniques and procedures which provide quicker results than surgery. The author has given comprehensive and quick weight loss program which also permanent. There is no need for dieting.Just stick to some of the instructions of the book and enjoy a real life without fat.

Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much

RRP $50.00

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Here's the truth: Other people's drama is making you fat.

You're a good person. You feel for other people's troubles and challenges. Heck, you're probably the go-to person for a whole list of people when the going gets tough!
But is your caring nature keeping you out of the best shape of your life?
Break the cycle and be the loving person you are-without letting other people's drama keep you from being a hot mamma!

Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much focuses on the keys to weight loss for sensitive people. With a simple, practical program, bestselling author and internationally renowned intuitive counselor Colette Baron-Reid shows you how to release the extra pounds and create a new, healthy relationship with your body, your weight, and food.

This 4-step, 8-week program will show you how to finally let go of what's weighing you down, physically and emotionally. You will learn how to:

Reverse empathy overload and establish healthy boundaries
Avoid the "noisy" trigger foods that lead to autopilot eating
Deal with challenging situations and avoid your detours, from procrastination to perfectionism, that sabotage the success you deserve

This book is your guide to having a new healthy, loving relationship with your food and your feelings. It's the end to other people's drama-and the beginning to the body (and life) you deserve!

About the Author

Colette Baron-reid is an internationally renowned intuitive counselor, life coach, and author. Through a 22-year practice, she has advised over 34,000 clients in 29 countries and for three years toured as the opening speaker with Hay House. Colette's Master Intuitive Coach Institute certifies others in her transformational coaching techniques. "The Colette Baron-Reid Show" airs twice weekly on CBS-owned New Sky Radio and she has appeared on The Dr. Phil Show, "Oprah and Friends" with Dr. Oz and "Coast To Coast," among others.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

RRP $22.99

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The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diet and Cookbook: Everything You Need to Know About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Disease, Treatments, and Diet Plans to Lead a Productive Life Book Is All That You Need!

Are you or a loved one dealing with Chronic Fatgue?

If you're currently dealing with Chronic Fatigue, then your quality of life is significantly reduced. What's more, symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue, and constipation make you lack the joy of everyday life.

Not anymore! With this excellent book by Cailin Chase, you can finally get relief from thyroid symptoms for good!

This Book Can Help

This book has been specifically created to help individuals suffering from Chronic Fatigue and its associated symptoms, aiming to provide resourceful information that can finally give you the relief that you've been looking for all this time.
Apart from prescription and non-prescription medications, the author also proposes natural remedies for Chronic Fatigue, introducing the reader to prevention methods, risk factors that can lead to this condition, plus foods that aggravate this condition.

This Chronic Fatigue Syndrome book by Cailin Chase is probably the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject of Chronic Fatigue disease - and it comes in Kindle format, so you can read it in electronic format. Take it anywhere you go, and take advantage of its professional insight to finally cure chronic fatigue symptoms for good!

Here is what you will learn

  1. What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  2. Signs and Symptoms
  3. Making a Difficult Diagnosis Easier
  4. Conventional Treatments
  5. Alternative Treatments
  6. Diet
  7. Cookbook and Recipes
  8. And much much more.....

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The Weight Loss Secret That Is Free

RRP $18.99

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Are you ready for a bolder, stronger and healthier you? What do you see when you look in the mirror? Who is that person? Where did she come from? Sounds familiar? Well, the good news is that she's there, just under some layers. So, how do you reclaim or better yet, make yourself into this new divine creation? Discover the answer to all of these questions and others when you get a copy of the weight loss secret that is free!


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