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Cookbook Journal For A Healthy Family

RRP $18.99

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Too many of us have recipes on scratch paper, miscellaneous index cards, pinned on Pinterest, or worst of all loose pages torn out from magazines. Stop the madness and get organized! Keep your families favorite healthy recipes in one convenient place. The "Cookbook Journal for a Healthy Family" has 50 recipe pages that's ready for you to fill in the details such as: recipes name, servings, prep time, cook time, ingredients, preparations/directions and notes.

23 Healthy And Crazy Good Cast Iron Recipe Meals

RRP $18.99

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Don't have enough hours in the day to prepare healthy but crazy good meals?

23 Healthy and Crazy Good Cast Iron Recipe Meals was created to produce Fast, Healthy and Crazy Good meal results, while making it as easy as possible for the average person to learn about Cast Iron Cookware and Cooking.

Any idea what these black and glossy pots and pans are all about?

Well, they are similar to what your mom and grand mom cooked with, when cooking the food that you grew up eating.

When you eat your meals now and compare it to grannies or nanas cooking, you must definitely be wondering why their food was much tastier than what you currently prepare? You may even be using their recipes but your meals just don't have the same taste.

Lets face it, with Cast Iron Cookware it isn't hard to eat delicious food.

The hard part is planning, preparing, and maintaining your Cast Iron Cookware.

The problem with our generation is that we are either too much into junk, or extremely health conscious.

If you are one of the health conscious ones, then I bet you opt for non-stick cookware, which requires less oil.

Well, herein lies the difference. The same dish cooked in a metal cookware (read, cast iron) will taste different (better different).

The best part of using cast iron cookware is that you can try out the same recipes, which you cooked in the same old non-stick cookware, and taste the difference.

In this book We have brought to you many recipes from the classic American corn bread to casseroles, from Mexican tacos to Asian noodles, plus many more. These recipes are simple and easy to make.

In addition to the book recipes, this cookbook will :

  • Teach you the History of Cast Iron Cookware
  • Show you the different types of Cast Iron Cookware
  • Show you the Benefits of Cooking with Cast Iron Cookware
  • Teach you how to season your old or new Cast Iron Cookware
  • Give you some very handy Cast Iron Cooking tips to create dishes with great flavor and mouthwatering appearances
  • Show you how Clean and Maintain you Cast Iron Cookware so that it lasts for a lifetime

These 23 Healthy and Crazy Good Recipes are organized into 4 sections :

  • Cast Iron Breakfast Recipes
  • Cast Iron Appetizer Recipes
  • Cast Iron Non-vegetarian Recipes
  • Cast Iron Vegetarian Recipes

This cookbook will help you get started on the right track this instant, and help you reap the rewards of a healthier lifestyle without the hassles of a super strict regime.

Click the "buy now" button and start mastering your Cast Iron cookware cooking skills

I look forward to helping you on your journey. Join me on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

Building A Healthy Black Harlem

RRP $320.99

Click on the Google Preview image above to read some pages of this book!

Using a sociological, historical, and psychological approach, this work offers a multidisciplinary perspective and fills the research gap about the Harlem community and urban black life during the Jazz Age and the Great Depression. This book proposes that Harlem was an intricate domain of competing ideologies, needs, and interests wherein there were many cross-cutting forms of power and exclusion. Such competition placed the community at the intersection of complicated power relations in which local, citywide and nationwide power, policies, and commitments overlapped. Changing economic circumstances that characterized the interwar period combined with the shifting municipal politics including community reliance on government support and the political strength of medical societies that left Harlem residents politically and economically circumscribed in their efforts to build and fortify institutions focused on maintaining community wellness. In this larger circumscription, citywide, statewide, and nationwide politics made health for black people a politicized affair during the early twentieth century. This work further reveals that in conjunction with the political economy of race, health was a major issue of debate that residents of Harlem could enter into despite systematic efforts by politicians and medical professionals to simultaneously limit residents' political agency and regulate health services and institutions in New York City. Such fissures and cracks within the political structure allowed for community engagement and empowerment. This study provides for a more comprehensive understanding of the connections among black morbidity, mortality, health-care delivery, and black political engagement in Harlem, New York, and aims to expand the historical understanding of race and politics, as well as the lived experiences of black people in New York City in the early twentieth century. As a scholarly work in the field of African American urban history, Building a Healthy Black Harlem is accessible to upper-division undergraduate and graduate students in courses in post-1865 United States history, African American history, and urban history. It also possesses the insight and rigor for specialists in the field of New York City history and African American urban history.


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