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Stay Healthy Naturally

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This book provides you the complete natural program to stay active, alive, healthy and free from all diseases for all your lif

Healthy Living Planner

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Get your healthy lifestyle started! ** Thematic journal / notebook **
Unique concept. Simple and effective: REDUCED TO THE ESSENTIALS OF A HEALTHY LIFE! Also ideal to support weight loss. Not linked to any specific diet system.

Living a healthy life does not have to be complicated. Actually, the basic elements of living healthy are known by everyone:

  • Various everyday movement
  • Fresh, natural food
  • And regular enjoyment & relaxation.

International research and good sense agree on that unanimously. However, our lives are different most of the time: We eat fast and highly processed food, we sit for hours every day, there is little movement and almost no exercise, we seldom take time to consciously relax.

The knowledge of the different aspects of a healthy lifestyle is in our minds; what is missing in many cases is the daily implementation.

This is where the HEALTHY LIVING Planner comes into play!

This newly developed planner helps you to finally take action in the fundamental areas of MOVEMENT, DIET and RELAXATION

Plan your healthy and active day in only a few central steps and check yourself at the end of the day on a daily basis.

Each day you aim for a few concrete goals in the three fields - plus one freely chosen - and note them in this planner:

1. The movement part is divided into the items "Everyday movement", "Gymnastic / Mobility" and "Workout (strength, endurance)".

2. A healthy nutrition is represented by the consumption of vegetables and fruit. In addition you are reminded to pay attention to drinking water and omitting sweets and unhealthy food.

3. Plan a specific time for pleasant moments of relaxation.

4. Last but not least there is room for a freely chosen point on your daily healthy-living-schedule.

At the end of each day you go through the items, checking each one if fulfilled. Then proceed to plan your next active, healthy and relaxed day (or week)!

The diary form of the HEALTHY LIVING Planner is the key to successfully changing your habits and achieving your objectives by briefly writing down your goals on a daily basis.

The key to a healthy life are small everyday steps! No fancy equipment or calorie-counting needed. This is true both for leading a healthy life and for loosing weight (body-fat) and staying slim.

All it needs is your decision to get started. The HEALTHY LIVING Planner guides your way safely and efficiently and helps you to stay committed!

An inspiring quote weekly contributes to this as well.

By using this planner you will progressively adopt awareness and healthy habits throughout your whole life, beyond and above the single items of the form.

The HEALTHY LIVING Planner provides one page daily templates for 14 weeks. In addition, there is two page weekly form at the beginning of each week.

Size: 5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm), black & white on creme-white paper. 153 pages. Paperback (glue binding)

Grandma's Guide To Healthy Eating On A Budget - Healthy Old-time And Traditional

RRP $18.99

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Grandma's Guide to Healthy Eating on a Budget - Healthy Old-Time and Traditional Recipes From All Over The World Table of Contents Introduction Old-Style Eating Versus New Style Eating Tips For Healthy Food Serving Harvest Stew Fish With Tomato Spinach salad Traditional Salad Recipe Beef in Ginger Spiced Chicken Wings Mixed Vegetables Garlic Prawns Duck in Orange Sauce Beef Casserole Fried Fish Tandoori Chicken Okra in Tomato Sauce Kofta Curry Sukiyaki Managing Your Tomato Harvest Traditional Onion Bread Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction We are at the beginning of a new era in food. If grandma had the financial resources, she made sure that her table was stocked with lots and lots of food, starting with soup, meat, vegetables, fruit and sweetmeats. A more frugal grandma would look at the limited ingredients in her garden, and in her kitchen and use her creativity to make a delicious meal as often as she could to feed her hungry brood. Cooking was an art, in olden days, especially when traditional cooks knew all about the effect of different foods on your body and system. In Korea and in many parts of the East, including China, the Royal family had special cooks who were half doctors themselves. They knew all about the internal system of each and every member of the royal family, and used special ingredients and cooking methods in order to keep their systems working properly and in a healthy manner. That is when the art of cooking was at its zenith; cooking to keep healthy and eating nutritious food.


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