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A Simple Weight Loss Cookbook

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We all know the struggle of trying to lose a few pounds. Our year starts with a resolution to drop three pants sizes, climaxes into the dreaded summer months of bathing suit weather and then resolves once again to feelings of regret and remorse as we enjoy yet another helping of mom's Christmas feast. Although many of us wish that we could go to the gym and enjoy only eating salad, the reality is that our busy lives keep us from pursuing a weight loss regiment for more than a few weeks. And once we start getting the results we want, we end up cheating on the program and binge on a sugary, carb- filled meal. The problem is, there are many issues with dieting programs that you find on the internet or in bookstores. Firstly, these regiments only account for a few weeks or months' worth of meals. This means that after going through the entire meal plan and grocery list three or four times, you are left having to make the same boring recipes again and again in order to keep off the weight you just lost. How many times are you supposed to go through the same cycle before it stops working or you get so tired of the same food that you cheat on your diet? Secondly, most recipes that are included in weight loss programs make serving sizes big enough to feed a family of four. If you are single, why would you make so much food for just one meal? Or perhaps your partner does not want to participate in this new meal plan and you have to struggle to cut down the recipe measurement? And any parent knows that getting your kids to eat is already a nightly struggle, and trying to force them to taste new foods is a whole other battle. This cookbook cuts out the common problems that healthy eaters always come across with other programs by providing a variety of easy, single serving recipes for you to enjoy! This book contains recipes that are proven to help you lose weight, save money on groceries, and continue making progress towards your health and fitness goals. The ingredients this book encourages you to use are fresh and provide you with the necessary proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that will fulfill your daily nutritional requirements. Here is an inescapable fact: everyone wishes that they could lose weight by eating delicious food. While the instructions in this book won't have you carbo- loading on pasta, they will make cooking for yourself easier and much more enjoyable. With over seventy single portion recipes included, the meals in this book are delicious and diverse, so you will always have new flavors to try. You no longer have to sacrifice great flavor to achieve that desired pant size. You can achieve your fitness goals and come to love and nourish your body just by following these recipes. The best part about this weight loss cookbook is that you don't need any fancy kitchen equipment or school taught techniques to make them. With any standard kitchen, you can prepare all of these recipes in less than a half an hour, so you can still satisfy your sweet and savory cravings without worrying about bingeing or cheating during your meals. It's time for you to become an amazing chef with an even more amazing body! In no time at all, you will finally have the physique of your dreams. Without any special tricks, costly supplements, or advice from a top notch professional trainer you will easily burn fat and becoming a healthier, better you. Thank you again for downloading this book. Good luck on your health and wellness journey; enjoy every last bite!


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Have you ever "felt fat"? Do you beat yourself up when one bite of cookie dough turns into eating the whole batch? Have you dieted yourself into a larger dress size? Are you frustrated because hours of exercise have produced zero results? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Studies show that 75% of women suffer from some type of eating disorder. Whether it's bingeing, bulimia, or another addiction, the good news is there is hope. W.A.I.T.loss: The Keys to Finding Food Freedom and Winning the Battle of the Binge is about Wendy Hendry's journey to recovery from 35 years of binge eating and food addiction. Like many others stuck in their own cerebral food prison, Wendy dieted and binged her way into obesity. Learning the keys to physical and mindful health that she shares in her book, Wendy was able to heal her body as well as free her mind. Now a certified Health Coach and Fitness Trainer, Wendy's W.A.I.T. (What Am I Thinking?) and Click approach to recovery has helped hundreds of others find that same freedom. Most diets teach how to lose weight, but only through changing daily habits can weight loss be maintained. Weight loss should be a natural consequence of healthy living. This book will help you find that. W.A.I.T.loss: The Keys to Finding Food Freedom and Winning the Battle of the Binge is the perfect combination of storytelling, common sense, humor and scientific proof that recovery is possible. If you need help with bingeing, food addiction, chronic dieting or just simple weight loss, don't W.A.I.T. any longer!


RRP $18.99

"Loss" isn't prescriptive. It doesn't tell what to do and how to do it. It's not a self-help recovery guide. It's not a survival kit. It isn't inspirational. It doesn't ask to accept fate or faith. It doesn't advise prayer or meditation. It doesn't invoke the supernatural or suggest a reunion in an afterlife. It isn't academic. It doesn't reach back to classical philosophies or consider present-day thinkers. It doesn't draw on psychological insights. It isn't professorial. So if that's what it isn't, then what is it? I will answer that in a moment but first let me tell you why the distinction is important.When my wife passed away almost seven years ago many well-intentioned friends provided me with magazine articles and books on how to deal with my grief. After perusing these and even more on the Web, I quickly realized that they all missed the mark. I didn't know what I was looking for but I did know it was not in any of those books or articles.With the advantage of hindsight I now know what I wanted. I was looking for someone who would fully understand what I was going through. I wanted nothing more, nothing less. Don't assure me that I will survive the fall. Don't tell me how to swim when I hit the water. Don't tell me that these things happen for a reason and that it's for the better. Back up to where I am right now. I've just been pushed off a cliff, my body is tumbling, my head is spinning and my heart is gushing. Let me know that you know where I am and what I am feeling. Let me know that you know. That's what this book does. It lets the readers know that the writer knows. It does this through expressive writing that connects directly to what the readers feel in their own lives, with their own losses. The readers know quickly and with certainty that this understanding is genuine. It reaches to the same depths as they are experiencing now, in their own lives. Emotions stream from the heart of the writer to the hearts of the readers. They instinctively know that, finally, someone understands. Each one of these short, independent writings expresses thoughts or feelings from a particular moment in my life after or shortly before my wife died. Some are a few pages long and some are a few sentences. Some relate past experiences and some are mind wanderings. Some are analytical and some are even humorous. Most are packed with emotion. The book is loaded with unanswered questions - just like I am - just like most people are.Loss of a loved one is a fact of life. It touches virtually everyone. There are countless others like me who are not comforted by the cacophony of authoritative assurances. What many people need are words of empathy - nothing more, nothing less. That's what this book offers.I hope that those who read this book will temporarily look away from their current grief and see me in a sidecar traveling the same path. They will pause and take a deep breath. After many days and many breaths, maybe they will gaze more often forward and less often downward. When that happens they will already be in the healing process. This is my hope.Joe Goldbacher

A Father's Love

RRP $16.99

Jeffery Logan and Daniel Cary are two very different fathers. One's son is the center of his universe, the other's isn't even a part of his. But when a terrible tragedy strikes, one father will be forced to make an agonizing decision. One that will change the lives of both men, and their sons, forever.

Running For Weight Loss

RRP $16.99

Running for Weight Loss, A Guide on Running for a Healthier and Thinner You

This Guide Will Help With Your Weight Loss Goals and Change Your Life Forever! Are you like the millions of people around the world who have tried diet after diet and are still not managing to lose weight! Well this book can help you achieve your goals. By adding a simple running routine to your calorie controlled diet will see you shed that weight and lose it forever. Running is a fun and rewarding challenge. The release of endorphins after running leaves you feeling like you're on top of the world and this results in the perfect motivating factor in your quest to lose weight. Running whether preparing for a Marathon or for Improving ones mental and physical health offers a great deal more than just weight loss. So what are you waiting for, get this guide and you too can change the way you look and feel forever.

Here's A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • Why We Put On Weight
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Essential Information To Get You Started
  • Health Benefits of Running
  • Preparing and Warming Up
  • 8 Week Running Program
  • Staying Motivated
  • Cooling Down Routines
  • And Much More!
Get your copy today to receive all of this information! Tags: Running for Weight Loss, Running, Weight Loss, Paleo, Diet, Jogging, Marathon, Health and Fitness, Running for Beginners, Running Books, Running for Dummies, 5k, Jogging, Health, Fitness.


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